Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adventures in Moving

     The moving journey continues...

    Sandy and I journeyed out to what we were sure was our dream home- with a little remodel sprinkled in for fun. The drive out to the property was a lovely winding road in the middle of the woods.  The road fairly shouted adventure and fun.  We rounded a corner and pulled up to our little gem.  I noticed the house had a pond about 50 paces from the front door. Interesting...

    I decided to "survey" the property.  I needed to scout out where this lagoon was.  Interesting thing was I couldn't find it.  As I moseyed (yes moseyed, everything is more fun when you buy a farm) I thought to myself, surely that cute pond couldn't be the  SEWAGE lagoon.  About that time my daughter and her friend dash out of the house screaming their fool heads off. (To this day, I am not sure why.)  My daughter loudly announces she is going to stay in the car and she will not be moving into THAT house.

   At this point I looking questioningly at our realtor and ask, "where, indeed, is the lagoon?  He nods his head toward my pond and says I think that's it right there.  This is the point, I should have given up, hopped in my cozy car and headed for home.  Not being one who gives up easily, I decided to tour the house.  My poor husband followed me, listened to my plan to renovate, and then calmly said, "honey, we are never buying this house".

  Feeling discouraged we decide to head home.  Our realtor mentioned he had two more houses that were nice, but not practical as farms.  We decided to throw caution to the wind and follow him to the houses. 

    We found ourselves winding around the lake, up a tall hill, around a few corners, and pulled into a driveway of a lovely house.  Instantly I was smitten.  The house was lovely.  The layout family friendly, the master suite private, the farm land...well not there.  In fact, the backyard is more like the side of a mountain.  Nary a spot for a garden let alone a chicken coop.  So I did what any sane woman looking for a farmhouse does.  I looked up at that handsome man of mine, batted my eyelashes, and smiled.  He smiled back, and said we will talk about it.

  Long story short, he decided we had found the next house for our family, and we could make an offer.  The adventure begins....

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