Sunday, February 6, 2011

Decorating Above Kitchen Cupboards

    The quandary of my life:  I'm in a decorating mood and Sandy is in a penny pinching mood.  Typical, so typical.  He just doesn't understand my dilemma.  How am I supposed to become a world famous Decor Blogger when he won't loosen the purse strings.  Seriously.  Has he no mercy?

   If he loosens the purse strings I just might try my hand at masonry and build my own rock fireplace.

    Okay, I might be exaggerating, a bit, I realize I am the lady who puts fruit in a vase and calls it fantastic.  You never know, I could become a world famous shopper.  I have potential.  I might not become a mason, but I could redecorate above our kitchen cupboards.

 The space above my cupboards has been driving me crazy, it is dusty, cluttered and some of the plants aren't even real. 


   Sandy is not bending, so I will just have to be clever and use what I have.  The good news is I have a small box of things I have been saving since I was 18.  I received some platters from my Great Grandmas' that I was afraid to use, for fear I would break them, so I left them in bubble wrap and packed them away in box for "later".

This platter is from around 1900, and was used by a Great, Great, Great Grandma.
I love thinking of the history behind antiques.  I bet this platter was pulled out to serve Sunday dinner
after church. 

Sorry about the horrible photography.  It is REALLY difficult to take pictures of white plates
the reflection is horrible.  This platter was used in the 1940's.  Imagine the history
that took place when this platter was used- possibly a martial spat about will never know. 

   I decided to use my platters and redecorate for free.  Okay, I'm lying I needed to purchase a platter stand for $5.99 from Ross, but that's almost free.  It's basically a latte at Starbucks plus a tip.   

     I love it. The fake plants are in the garbage and the clutter is gone.  Simple, elegant and full of   nostalgia.

I'm linking up to Frugal Friday.
Blessings to you and yours!

2 comments: said...

You are cracking me up! And I love the plate and platter - so glad you got them out of storage and put them to use! It looks great!

Taylor said...

Darn you sandy