Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's a Snowman Party!

The weatherman was finally right, and we got loads and loads of snow!

      On account of our recent accumulation of snow I decided to have a snowman party with the cousins.  We started with lunch complete with snowman ham and cheese sandwiches!   Quick and easy was my theme for the day, well, in addition to the snowman theme. 

      Then the kids designed their own hot cocoa mugs.  I found these mugs at Micheal's for $.60 each-  they were 70% off!  Gotta love after Christmas deals.

         Then we headed outside to burn a little energy and have some fun in the snow.

      After an hour of romping in the snow hot cocoa is a must!  The kids enjoyed their hot chocolate and created donut hole snowmen for a yummy treat.  I got the donut hole snowman idea from

   To make donut hole snowmen you'll need:  one box of donut holes, one box of mini donuts, toothpicks,  one tube of black and one tube of orange decorating gel or frosting.  To make snowmen:  place mini donut on a plate, skewer one donut hole and attach to mini donut, add another donut hole for head and decorate! 

   The day was a blast, and even the big boys like decorating their snowman snack, though Christian informed me that the older kids wanted regular sandwiches not snowmen.  :)  This simple party was easy and super cheap to throw together.   I already had the sandwich supplies and spent about $10.00 on the supplies for the donut hole snowmen and crafts.  A wonderful fun day had by all!

Blessings to you and yours! 

2 comments: said...

Great day! Great post! Good job with pictures and craft ideas girl! And I love Beth with A to Z too!

Taylor said...

Looks fun and I would like to eat one of them snowmen right now! Yum!