Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boys and Batteries

Seriously, do I need to say more?

      If you look closely, or look at all, you may notice bite marks on these AAA batteries.  Bite marks on a battery?  Yes, ladies and gents, bites marks.  From a dog?  From a mouse?  Nope, from a genuine 11 year old boy.

This innocent young chap.

   Last night we were merrily conducting home group (bible study) at our house.  The night had progressed beautifully-   good discussion,  homemade chocolate cake, quiet well behaved kids, yada, yada, yada.  At this point I decided to run downstairs.

   I get downstairs and Christian asks me to look at his tongue.  Strange request, I know, but being the diligent mom I am I took a gander.

   This is the conversation that followed:

Me: " Dude, what happened?"

C:  "Ummm.....(insert sheepish look)  I was licking a battery."

Me:  "What?!"

C:  "Well, if you lick batteries you feel a little zing on your tongue, but after a while it starts to hurt."

Me:  "Why would you ever lick a battery?"

C:  "I don't know...I like the zing."

     At this point I head back upstairs.  Ponder the situation.  Discover almost every person in my home group has licked a 9 volt battery.  (Weird fact- I know.)  Decide I must view these licked batteries.  Discover batteries are chewed on not just licked.  Have a nice conversation with the poison control lady.  Discover that you will not die if you lick or chew on batteries, however, your tongue will ache for days until the alkaline burn heals. 

This is my life, folks, this is my life. This is the boy that keeps me in prayer- daily.


Taylor said...

Wow, Shannon. That is NOT safe! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Ya. Ask Bill about when he tried to "charge" a nine volt when he was a kid.

His girl said...

Angela- I will! :)