Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ummm...Honey, I bought a BOAT while you were at work

      Today has been a very interesting day.  I'm minding my own business, plugging away at work, when I received a call from my handsome husband.  After a few seconds of chitchat his voice lows a notch, "Soooo, I bought a boat today." 
Here's the conversation that ensued:

Me:  Silence.

Sandy:  "Ummm, you should check it out on Craig's list, it was a great deal!"

Me:  Silence.

Sandy:  "Are you mad?"  "I haven't seen the boat, I bought it sight unseen, but it was only a $1095.00."

Me:  "Oh"  (brilliant response, I know).

After this titillating conversation, and for even reading my blog, you deserve pictures of this monstrosity.

Right now you're thinking, "Shannon, that was a fantastic deal!"  Keep scrolling, folks, keep scrolling.

Cheerful kid isn't he.  That's because he is envisioning this:

Unfortunately, I'm a bit more realistic .
Does this thing even float?

     At this point in the photo shoot, I casually mention we might want to drop it off at the dump.  Strange, I got no response from Sandy. 
      The problem is I am a boat snob, yes it is true.  When I envision boats I think of this:

      Isn't she a beauty, and she was ours for five short, yet expensive years.  She has more storage than my walk-in closet, and I miss her. She seated fourteen people- fourteen!  A long term relationship was not meant to be, we sold her and opened our own business.


Taylor said...

Think of the bright side . . . you won't have to buy him a Christmas present this year!
Or for the next 5 years! He bought his own!

His girl said...

That's what I told him! :) The whole thing actually amuses me a bit.