Sunday, April 10, 2011



Not a very nice word.


Do you know the definition of snooty?

Let me help you out.

The dictionary definition of snooty is:

supercilious: having or showing a haughty condescending manner,
 especially to those considered socially inferior.

Why, you ask am I telling you this?  Well, over the past month or so I  have been praying God will reveal some of my blind spots.  You know, those areas everyone else is aware of but you.  God in His infinite wisdom, and I believe a bit of humor, has revealed one of mine- snootiness.  In a period of no less than a week, in three different instances I was told I was snooty or prissy.  I know, cruel, right. 

  The first instance occurred at a basketball game for my oldest daughter.  At the game a friend from church came to sit by me and asked me to point out my oldest daughter.  I did, she laughed and said she had already guessed by looking for the prissiest one.  Hummm....  What do you think she's trying to say?

  The second instance occurred  one evening at a restaurant with friends.  A roll from the bread basket dropped out and I did not want to eat because it fell on the restaurant table.  One of my formerly dearest friends remarked, "you're a little snooty."  At the time I was horribly offended, I still may be.  Everyone at the table laughed and agreed with her.  Hummm..
     The final instance occurred at home with Sandy and my kids.  I told them the snooty and prissy stories, and they all laughed and agreed.  Rude....Though it maybe possible I am the common denominator.
      Weird, I have never thought of myself as snooty or prissy.  I try to be kind and loving to  pretty much everyone. I'm known as the nice one, though I think it may be possible to be snooty and nice at the same time.  Hummm.  Yuck. 

      I don't want to be snooty, yet I am not sure how not to be. I do like things a certain way;  like properly made beds, a spring salad with cranberries, feta and pecans topped with white balsamic,  forks on the left-side and butter knives and spoons on the right, and ice water in a goblet topped with a slice of lemon.  Now, I don't think any of these things are bad per say, though I do think my attitude regarding the presence of these things maybe. 

    I have a new goal.  It's to be a little less snooty and a little more humble.  Did you know humble is the antonym of snooty in the Thesaurus.  Ouch. 

     I think God's doing a little heart surgery on me.  This doesn't mean I am going to stop wearing eyeliner and using hairspray or that I won't like proper etiquette, but it does mean I am going to start studying what God's Word says about humility.  Not only am I going to study God's Word I am going to apply it to my life.

  (Note to the "snooty caller"-  This probably does not mean I will start eatting food off restaurant tables, though I may become a little less vocal about it.)

(Note to other friends-  Call me out if you observe me acting snooty, don't be rude, just let me know I've been a little less than humble. I'd appreciate it.)

Blessings to you and yours!

48.  A random sunny day in the midst of many rainy days.

49.  Kids who still love to chat with their mom.

50.  The sound of a dish washer running and the smell of coffee brewing.

51.  Friends that are equally as demented as me.

52.  New challenges.

53.  The earthy smell of rain.

54.  Rocking my littlest to sleep not one, but two nights in  a row.

55.  Six and a half trash cans heaping full of candy.

56.  A patch of blue among gray clouds.

57.  Flip flops.

58.  Preparation for Easter.

59.  A Savior who loves and chooses me!

3 comments: said...

Sweetie - I have never thought of you as snooty, no have you ever exhibited said snootiness in my presence However, it might just be that I have a big 'ole plank-o-snooty in my eye and therefore cannot see it in others....

Cindy said...

Well, you made me think here! Loved your thankful list, especially the last grateful for that when I consider where He is doing heart surgery on me!

I always try to comment to the right and to the left of where I end up on Monday's over at Ann's...and I am glad to meet you! Loved the pictures too!


Bethany said...

I love you~