Monday, April 11, 2011

Remember the Ugly Boat?

  Dear Friends;

    Do you remember the ugly boat Sandy bought in December?  Remember the one he didn't mention until AFTER he bought it.

Not to shabby on the outside, but check out the horrid interior.

     Sandy has been diligently scouring and tinkering with his boat to make it a little more family friendly, as I'm pretty sure that he expects the "family" to actually use the boat this summer.  With all the work he's put in the boat is much improved, but the interior is still terrible.  Sandy has searched Craig's List, Ebay and the local paper for new "used" seats for the boat with no luck. 

   I have observed his behavior with this boat the last few weeks and determined he does, in fact, plan on regularly toting our family around the lake in this contraption.  The problem is, he hates the interior as much as I do.  I threw out the idea of getting some upholstery bids, to see what new upholstery would run.  

    I think he thought I was trying to trick him or something as he was a little skeptical,  but today the upholstery lady came.  She had this amazing stack of upholstery options for our boat.  I was instantly in decorating heaven,  well maybe not that far, but at least decorating vacation.  I thumbed through that puppy and selected new upholstery for our boat in shades of dreamy oyster, and slate gray.  Be still my decorating heart, I already have throw pillows picked out. 

   The nice upholstery lady came back with  a $1,500.00 bid to do the whole boat.  I didn't think this was a bad  deal and our 15th Anniversary is this month so I encouraged Sandy to have the boat reupholstered.  My theory is 15 years $100.00 a year= a $1500.00 gift.  Right? 

      Do you know what that crazy guy did?  He said no! And maybe a little something about it not being responsible.   What?  I never EVER encourage him to spend money on boats and the first time I do he says no.  I think he's messing with me. In fact, I'm pretty darn sure he is, as he "mentioned" the cuddy smelled like urine because they kept their porta potty in it.  Sure...tell the finicky wife, she might have to ride in a boat with urine and deny the upholstery.  I don't think so.........

     I have a sneaking suspicion that he wants me to think the upholstery is really a gift  for me.  Maybe it is, I'm all confused now.

Blessings to you and yours!

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