Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moving Stinks

     Does anyone actually like to help people move?  If you do, you're weird.  I like people and even moving, but not, so much, moving people.  It's stinking exhausting.  Do remember, I don't particularly care to sweat, wear ugly shoes, lift heavy things or to break nails. 

I'm more of a stop and smell the flowers sort of girl.

    Yet today, I had a blast moving a good friend and her enormous collection of crap, oh I mean stuff.  The group we moved with was amazing!  I'm quit certain we have the best community pastor in the church- he rallies quite the team.  (I should of brought my camera).

Another bonus was watching that hot stud of mine lift heavy furniture.
He can jump super straight too.  He's multi-talented.

On a funny note, I have to share a hilarious (at least to me) story from moving: 
Note:  This story might possibly be slightly embellished, maybe, maybe not.  In addition,
this story does have the potential to offend, so read at your own risk.

A great team of people loaded the U-Haul and various other
vehicles full of home goods.  Once the vehicles were piping full, we
decided to leave a team of people at the current home, and
another team of peoplewould unload the gear at the new house. 
Before I headed to the new house, I gave some instructions to Jane.
I asked her to pack a cedar closet in the basement while we were gone.
I  then went on my merry little way to unload items at the new house.
Things went swimmingly until, on the way back, I realized I
forgot to let Jane know there was an urn containing
"Bob"(my friends first husband) in the closet.  Ha! 
Poor girl handled it fantastic. She found the urn,
opened it and realized it was quit possibly human ashes.  
She was quite the trooper, she packed Bob up and loaded him in the U-Haul.
 I, on the other hand, panicked a bit, raced back to the main
house, and informed her Bob was in the closet.  
She remained very composed and said, "I suspected that I found
human ashes."  I cracked up.  I know, I radiate with maturity and compassion.
  I bet that is the strangest thing she ever found while helping someone move.

(*Names have been changed to protect the innocent, and I asked permission to share this story.)

Now lets evaluate my leadership during this event.

1.  Divided into teams to conquer a task.  Win.

2.  It wasn't my idea to divide in teams. Win.  (I work with smart people)

3.  The team left at the main house was quite small,
a team of one, to be exact.  Oops!

4. Forgot to let the "team" know there was human remains in the closet.  (Fail)

5.  Cracked up at the poor woman, who was left alone in the giant house
and found an unexpected surprise that I forgot to tell her about.  (Win, humors good)

Blessings to you and yours!

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