Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Storm

   Anger burns hot and furious, indignant and proud.  A tidal wave speeding to destroy a quiet beach.  Anger can come as a surprise, something you don't expect in the moment, but its there hot and ready to destroy. 

    God's word says, "that a gentle answer turns away wrath."  How does this play out in parenting?   Each person in a relationship has a choice to respond in conflict,  you can not control how another responds but you can control your words, your anger. Your response can be gentle, yet firm.  

      To many times  I have responded in anger, harsh words strategically placed that create destruction and hurt.  To many times I reacted instead of responded, and experienced the regret that accompanies rash harsh words.  God in His graciousness and stretched me and grown me.  I still make mistakes and cave into sinful reactions with my words, yet I feel His presence and His warning,  to pray, observe, respond in love, to hold to discipline even when I want to cave in, to extend mercy and grace, and to follow Him in all I do. 

    Tonight was a "challenging" night in our home.  Angry children, with feeling burst out in hot breaths full of rage.  Hot tears, harsh words, and early bedtimes.  My patience teetered on the wires edge.  Deep breaths,  discipline and consequences, so difficult to respond and not react, yet God is good and He reigns on high.  He walked me through the evening guiding my words and actions, gently rebuking me when I started to stray off His path.  He is ever patient with me, I will always mess up and need to come to Him for forgiveness and He is faithful to forgive.  Tonight I am thankful to be His and thankful to get to be a mommy to this crazy bunch He has blessed me with.

Blessings to you and yours!


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Taylor said...

I am sorry for the rough night. I think I had a bit of roughness here today as well.