Thursday, January 6, 2011

Festive January

    Here we are, already January 6th, and everyones' taking down their holiday decor.  Now mind you, I understand taking down the tree and turning off the Christmas lights to save a little money, but I still want my house to feel warm and festive.  All of my "Christmas" decor is packed away, the red and gold gone for another season.   In it's place I have added touches of blue, silver and white, after all, winter just began on December 21st, and will last another two and half months.

     A few day's after Christmas I ordered these fantastic snowmen to add to my holiday decor.
   I had eyed these babies at Kohl's during the holiday season for a whoping $34.99 a piece.  My sweet husband would not have been pleased if I had purchased them then, so I waited until December 27th and got them for 70% off!!  I got both sets for a little over $23.00, including shipping.  Aren't they cute?  And check this out:

    They are actually bowls! Gotta love a multi-purpose item.  I am using them as January table decor, the kids will love it.  They can have their cereal in snowman bowls.  Fun! 

    I try to decorate on a budget, honestly, I would prefer to go nuts and throw caution to the wind, and shop to my hearts desire,  but I prefer a good and healthy marriage, so budget it is.  Each holiday season I give myself a mental goal of how much I am willing to spend on decorations.  I usually restrain myself to adding one item or collection to my current holiday decor.  This method allows me to dream big, but stay within a reasonable budget. ( Note: Sandy has no idea about my mental goal, and is probably reading it now for the first time.  Honey, pay no attention to any money spent.  I'm just decorating your castle.)

    For other fun frugal idea's checkout The Shabby Nest and join the Frugal Friday link party.

Blessings to you and yours!


Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont said...

Hey Shannon! I'm loving your updated winter decor (and also your comment about "decorating his castle" ha!).. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment on my dining room reveal. :)

Lindy said...

Oh how cute! I agree -- the kids will love them and I'll bet the "big kids" will enjoy them, too!

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff!