Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

       Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm in the mood to celebrate.  Usually, I do not care for Valentine's Day, and I chalk it up as another Hallmark holiday.  You see, Valentine's Day is two days after my birthday, so often the two holidays are lumped  together.  But today I got to thinking (when I'm thinking I can get a bit sentimental) about  generations of love in my family.

Old love.  My Great Grandma and Grandpa.

Old Love.  Gramps and Grandma Hunt.

Young love.  My hot hubby and I.

    Valentine's Day isn't about the flowers you get, the heart shaped box of chocolate or the reservations made at your favorite restaurant.  It's about the love you share with your family, it's about generations of love before you.  Love is not made up of material things and pleasant feelings.  True love is built on the foundation of Christ, it is about commitment to God first and then each other.  It's a willingness to journey through the rough patches, never giving up on each other and never taking your eyes off the Lord. 
    This year I may get chocolates.  I may get flowers.  I may even get to go out to dinner.  These things are pleasant enough, but the real gift this Valentine's Day is the blessing of having a husband who loves God and leads our family. 
    You may be reading this post and think, "her cup is sure half full", but the truth is Sandy and I have weathered through very difficult seasons, and questioned if this whole marriage deal was worth it.  I think here, on the other side of crazy, the journey is sweeter because we chose to do the tough things.    

Blessings to You and Yours!


nexis777 said...

Awesome post, Shannon!! I totally agree. Thanks for giving me a totally different outlook on Valentines day! (my birthday's 3 days after V-day, so I TOTALLY understand ;) )

His girl said...

Kristy- Thanks for the sweet comment!