Sunday, January 9, 2011


    I'm a newbie to blogging, in fact, I just started blogging three weeks ago.  When my blogging journey or paranoia, call it what you must,  started I had no idea that it would become a ridiculous obsession.   Seriously, ridiculous.  Here's what a typical blogging day looks like for me:

  1.  Think about my blog all day.  Wonder, "should I go shopping"?  Have a long, drawn out internal discussion with myself~ do I or do I not go shopping?   Decide Sandy, the king of the castle, would be less than impressed if I go shopping for "props" as he deems my decor accessories.  Weigh whether or not I care if he's impressed.  Decide I do, in fact, care.  Sigh deeply. 

He's too cute, it clouds my shopping judgement.

  2.  Work.  Think about blogging.

  3.  Write blog, or rather type blog.

  4.  Post blog.

  5.  Link blog to Facebook.

  6.  Check blog stats.  Check stats again.  Check stats one more get the drift.

    I was feeling pretty good about this whole process, until the fateful Friday I spoke with my friend, Angela.  Now Angela has not one but two blogs.  She is very blog savvy,  I'm slightly "challenged".  Anyway, I was telling Angela my fabulous news- my blog had got it's highest hits ever.  You're dying to know how many hits aren't ya?  Well....122.    I was glowing in all my blogging glory when Angela casually announces, "I remember my biggest hits day- I got over a thousand."  (Poohy on you, Angela.  Poohy on you. ) I sorta slinked away.  Poor me.  I feel your pity.

Blessings to you and yours! 

P.S.  Angela I love you and blogging skills.  :)


Amy Kinser said...

You keep going, girl! It's not about how many but the message that gets across to the ones who do come. Your title and user name alone are such a testimony. I love the name...His girl!

So nice to meet you.

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

I can so identify with this post! As a baby blogger I decided not to buy 'props' and to only ever buy stuff that I ACTUALLY thought would be nice for my home. While this might not be the best for blogging, after more than a year of blogging I am grateful for it. I have now learned to see the value in the things I already owned, and have become quite creative using only what I have. Instead of developing a skill of shopping, I developed a skill for creating and one that will stick with me and bless my family.

Good luck to you, this is such a cute post!