Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Random and Fairly Useless Facts

1.  The year of 2010 was my favorite New Years Eve ever!  Sandy wanted us to hangout as a family, so we canceled plans with friends and stayed home.  We had a "feast" made up of snacks and other delicious easy prep stuff from Costco.  Then we watched movies and missed bringing in the New Year by about 30 seconds. 

2.  Costco is my favorite store, period.  

3.  I LOVE my husband!  Our life hasn't been perfect,  it's been full of challenge and character building moments, but there is no one I would rather live this crazy life with than him!

4.  I like exclamation points.  Don't over analyze this statement.

5.  Parenting is much harder than I expected, but worth it. 

6.  Gracie has a hilarious knack for telling people exactly what her dad thinks of them.  The only problem is she doesn't always relay information correctly. 

7.  Sandy and I took the kids and some of their friends skating today, we're crazy I know.  The day was fun, but my favorite part occurred when the D.J.  had kids 12 and under skate to a song by themselves, and then  anyone 13 and older got to skate to the next song.   All Sandy heard was, "anyone 13 and older can skate to this song".  He turns, grabs my hand and says, "come on hon, they just called our grade."  He cracks me up.

8.  My dog has an annoying habit of trying to bite random people he deems irritating.  Sometimes I think it's funny.

9.  One day I would like to write and publish a book, one that people will actually read.  My fear is that I over use commas.

10.  Grandma's are funny, endearing and particular ladies.   My Grandma H's birthday is in November, and I find gifts for her increasingly difficult to pick out.  So, being the gal I am, I gave my grandma a call and this is the conversation the ensued:

    Me:  "What would you  like for your birthday?"

Grandma:  "Well, my photo album is full, so I could use another one."

Me:  "Okay, anything else?"

Grandma:  "No, just make sure you get a small photograph album,  after all, we just don't know how much longer I'll be around."

Seriously, how do I respond to that?!   
Well there you have it- ten fairly useless and random facts.  Hope you enjoyed them.

Blessings to you and yours!

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Taylor said...

Great list! I will remember to stay away from grace:)