Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Facts and Opinions

 Alright friends, I was hoping to have created some fantastic display of my decorating genius for your viewing pleasure today.   The problem, lies in the fact, that I am not a decorating genius, so instead, I will wow you with a random list of facts:

1.  I cried tonight while watching American Idol.  I think, it is possible,  that I may need therapy.

2.  My husband requested that I dye my artificial blond locks brown.  Hummm....he says he wants me to have the same hair color as when we met.   I, however, am certain he is hoping to reduce the hair maintenance budget.  Someone should tell him I've started noticing a few gray invaders, and I do not plan to grow old gracefully. 

3.  Sandy is color blind.  This color blindness issue rears its ugly head when I get my hair done.  If I come home with blond locks he asks, "why'd you dye your hair gray?" Today I came home with brown locks and he says, "why'd you leave your hair blond?  There's just no winning, when your man is color blind.

4.  Fun fact, in our early marriage I used to mess with Sandy and his color blind self.  He would routinely ask me if his clothes were color coordinated, now usually I told him the truth, but on occasion (if I was annoyed) I would tell a white lie and let him go to work dressed all funky.  The silent, passive aggressive satisfaction I felt.  Just so you know, I have greatly matured and no longer play this game, well at least not often.

5.  I cheated on my "lifestyle change" (i.e. diet) and had a mushroom burger without a bun and fries.  Yum! Pretty sure my meal was over 400 calories, but I planned to skip dinner.  Like all good plans it failed, because Sandy surprised me by making dinner.  I may have to seriously consider an enema before our next weigh in.

6.  Grace, our sweet little pumpkin, got caught cheating on her spelling test this week.  Her excuse, "Sometimes I copy off other peoples' papers, sometimes I don't."  Is this a fair defense?

7. I have not cooked a decent meal for my family this week, sort of feeling like a loser mom.  Good thing tomorrow is Thursday (a.k.a. Pizza Thursday), I won't cook again but my kids will think I am the bomb  digity.  I might even spring for orange soda.

8.  The picture at the top of this post has nothing to do with anything, except our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up and I am dreaming of a tropical second honeymoon.  Dreaming is probably all I'll do, but a girl can wish.  Well, and plan, and buy a new swimsuit, and purchase travel insurance and rent a car.  Just kidding!

   That's it for tonight!

Blessings to you and yours!


Monica said...

Shannon I like your facts and opinions! Here are some of mine...
1.I had no idea you are passive aggressive :)
2.Keep it up on the "lifestyle change"!
3. Grace is ADORABLE!

His girl said...

Ha! I'm usually not passive aggressive, but sometimes when the mood strikes, well...I succumb. :)

Taylor said...

The color blind stuff was too funny!