Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There's Fat and It's Tuesday

    This posting is for Tuesday's edition of Fat Tuesday, well, technically The Lumberjack's Wife has not restarted this link party, but I am going to pretend she did anyway.  (Taylor, cave to peer pressure and restart the Fat Tuesday link party.) 

Or are you hoping I will go back to looking like this: 
Note the extra chin.

Sandy prefers this:

 He likes his women with one chin.

    Okay, enough with the fatty pictures, on to more important info, like my first week back on the Flat Belly Diet since October.   Here's what this week looked like:

      Day One:  Wanted to chew off my arm.

      Day Two:  Thought about chewing off someone else's arm.

     Day Three:  Decided an eating change is a life long change, and I am NOT going to fall off the               wagon for an extended about of time again.  Cheat occasionally?  Yes, but not for more than a day or two, it is just to hard to restart eating right.  I hate cravings!

     Day Four:  Have Chocolate Stuffed French toast for the third day in a row.  Do a little self evaluation, and decide I probably should not live on Chocolate Stuffed French toast alone.

     Day Five:   Things are getting a little better, I've decided I won't resort to cannibalism.

     Day Six:   I'm back in the swing of things, but I was a little annoyed this morning because I was up in weight a bit.  Humm....I wonder if too much Chocolate Stuffed French toast is a bad thing?

     Day Seven:  Woo hoo! I lost two pounds this week.  Slow and steady, that's the route.

   In conclusion, it was fairly difficult to get back into the swing of dieting this week, but I lost weight so it's a win!  Here are a few tips to help you eat healthier and cut calories:

Best Foods Canola Mayo only has 45 calories a Tbsp. 

Regular Best Foods Mayo has 90 calories a Tbsp.


 I can't taste any difference in Canola Mayo vs. regular Best Foods, plus Canola is a MUFA (monounsaturated fat).  Use Canola and cut the calories.

          My FAVORITE dessert is a cup of Dreyer's Slow Churned Double Brownie Fudge ice cream topped with a chopped up banana.  This dessert weighs in with only 350 calories.  Yum!  To make the dessert MUFA friendly reduce banana to 1/2 and add a 1/8 of cup of chopped walnuts.  This style of dessert weighs in at 390 calories.
      That's all I got folks.

Blessings to you and yours!


Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

The French Toast looks amazing - too bad I will never have a flat belly... also, is Abraham Lincoln always along to chaperone you and your husband? He looks kind of creepy behind your shoulder.....

His girl said...

Ha ha! I knew I’d get mocked about Abe, but I’m a home schooling mom and Christian felt that we needed pictures of Abe and George to be official. J Now my career in decorating blogs is going to go to pot. Great….

Anonymous said...

You know your diet looks great, but I think you take note of mine... :) Just add a bit of stress, it falls right off. :) Thanks for chatting today. Love you.

Taylor said...

Will you just cook all my meals for me?
I am too lazy for this Flat Belly Nonsense. :)

His girl said...

Taylor- I can't cook your meals, cuz' I'm planning to win all your money.