Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ode to the Awkward Canister

   The Christmas of 2009, I received a large, somewhat awkward canister/jar/container/thing-a-ma-bob from my mom. 

    I personally think she choose this particular container because it had a small sticker that said "Shannon".   My mom is sweet like that, and would buy something for me just because it had my name on it.  Anyways, I liked the container, but I could not decide  (for the life of me) what to do with it, so I stored dog food in it.  Don't judge me.
   This Christmas season I decided to breakout the container, with my name on it, and try to use it.

Decorating failure!

    I tried to decorate my "container" with Valentines themed decor.  Decorating failure, but  this time I just didn't take a picture. So being the good daughter I am, I left the empty container on my living room cocktail table for the last month.

I did remove the sticker with my name (sorry, mom).

  Today I went to my favorite store, Costco, and did my usual grocery shopping.  I got home with my load of groceries (Note: couponing is not going as well as I hoped),  and a fantastic, simple idea popped in my head.

   I love it!  Simple and fun, and I did not spend any extra money finding away to fill it.  Win!  Sandy, however, is certain I bought the oranges and apples for purely decorating reasons.  :)

   I'm linking to Just a Girl. and A Vision to Remember.

Blessing to you and yours!