Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Randomness

February randomness:

1. This has been the week of birthday extravaganza's.  Craziness, I tell you, just craziness.  Friday was my friend Debbie's birthday and a few of us ladies went to the Texas Roadhouse.  I fully intended for my friend to be serenaded by the crew at the Texas Roadhouse while she was sitting on the infamous saddle.  But I was punked.   My other friend, Danielle, let the waitstaff know my birthday was the next day.  Grrreeeaaatttt.....I got to wear the cowboy hat.  Fantastic.  Not to mention Danielle took pictures...

(Note:  Danielle, I can't wait for your birthday.  It'll be fun trust me!)  Ha!

Or maybe, I'll just post pictures of you dressed as a pirate on my blog. Ha!

2.  Saturday was my birthday, it was a simple and relaxing day.   Sandy and the kids took me out to breakfast and bought me an ice cream cake.  Did I mention I am counting calories? 

3.  I am afraid for this week's weigh in....seriously, food everywhere I go.  It's difficult to refuse your own birthday cake.  I think Sandy is trying to sabotage me.  You see, if I lose 15 more pounds Sandy owes me $500.00.  My guess is he doesn't want to pay up.  (Note:  Sandy, I WILL have your money, I'm coming for it).

4.  Twenty-four Valentine's Day cupcakes have been baked, decorated, and packaged.  I believe the first grade will be pleased.

5.  I received a bit of cash for my birthday, so I took my girls shopping.  Poor things.  I have a difficult time spending birthday money.  Here's my strategy:  Load up cart with miscellaneous items I "might" want.  Decide I need to look at other stores.  Put the items away and go check out other stores.  Fill up cart with various items I "might" want.  Decide I better keep looking.  Put all the items away and go to a different store.  Vacillate between purchasing new clothes or purchasing home decor'.  Sigh deeply.  Watch my fourteen year old roll her eyes.  Go home.  Try it again the next day.  It's fun I tell you.

6.  I started reading:

So far this book is excellent, though I have only read the introduction and part of chapter one.  Here's an excerpt from page 19:

"While waiting in line at the grocery store, I read the cover of a leading woman's magazine and just had to write down the title of one of it's articles:  "Why so many smart, good women put up with snarly, dreadful men."
You know what made me laugh?  I can't even imagine a leading men's magazine- say, GQ or Esquire- with an article titled "Why so many honorable, decent men put with conniving, manipulative women."  It would never happen. Nor will you ever see book titled Men Who Love Too Much or  The Men-Haters and the Men Who Love Them."


7.  I read this post to Sandy, he snickered, said I love you and went to bed.  I'm thinking, that he doesn't appreciate the randomness.  Oh well. 

Blessings to you and yours!

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Taylor said...

A Justin Beiber video is in your Google Ads.
I always knew you had Bieber Fever.
For shame, Shannon.
For shame.