Monday, February 7, 2011

The Fix-It Master

    I have a problem.  My husband is a stud and can basically build, repair and create anything.  The refrigerator starts freezing all the fruits and vegetables.  Whats he do?  Googles possible issues, decides the motherboard must be going out, and orders a new motherboard.  Replaces the motherboard, and wham bam, my dreams of a new refrigerator go down the drain.

Stainless Steel

     We buy a fixer upper, and he he finishes the basement, rebuilds walls, lays flooring, adds recessed cans, replaces most of the light fixtures, adds a few wall sconces, and builds me a deck.  Do you need anymore proof?  He's simply a stud.

     Now in his defense, his skills and abilities can cause me to over estimate what he is actually capable of.  For example, our car breaks down and, of course, I am sure Sandy can repair it ,for a fraction of the price a dealership would charge.  Sandy does his usual research, tinkers a bit, comes in and says, "Babe, I can't fix the car."  I pat him on the shoulder, offer him a cool glass of water with a slice of lemon, and tell him; "sure you can, try harder".

     Poor guy.  But really, it's his fault, he set the bar high early on in our relationship.  For our second date he changed my oil and gave my car a tuneup.  Weird.  In the land I lived, you took your car to the mechanic shop to get your oil changed.  Sandy was simply disgusted by my wasteful spending.  Weird. 

     Moral of the story, if you are a guy and I assume you should be able to do practically anything, I want to apologize ahead of time.  If you have a bone to pick, take it up with Sandy, he can probably help.  Ha!

Blessing to you and yours!


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Taylor said...

Sure you can, try harder! ha!