Tuesday, December 28, 2010


   This year is rolling to a close, and frankly, I'm tired.  I often find myself trying to create the perfect environment for my family.  I want happy memories, fun times, joy and never pain, everyone to get along and never fight.  When my ideal world and life doesn't happen I find myself disgruntled, or worse, having a pity party. 

     This year I have learned a lot, and much of it has come through sorrow.  I have learned that my inter joy cannot be determined by circumstance,  I can spend all my effort and energy creating the "perfect" environment but "joy and sorrow" really do come like "ebb and flow".  I can control my own behavior and choices but I cannot dictate another's choice, and other people's choices can cause me sorrow. 

     What I've come to realize this year is that my walk with the Lord is all that matters.  If I have Him the winds may come and the rains may fall, but my foundation will not be shaken.  This year I chose to experience joy along with sorrow and the Lord grew me, He revealed that He has a plan for my life and though the journey maybe be difficult He will be my peace and joy. 

   This post is a little melancholy, but I am not.

 I am blessed with  a wonderful husband, 

 three beautiful kids, 

Photo credit Christina G. Photography

dear, slightly crazy friends,

 and a wonderful extended family.

  This week I am choosing to relax and spend time with the Lord.  I may (will) have slightly crazy OCD behavior, (tomorrow is snowman day)  and it's okay.  I pray your week is filled with more of Him.

Blessings to you and yours!


Thelittlebrownhouse.us said...

Beautiful post - you speak the truth girl. Thanks for sharing that-

Taylor said...

I think I am learning the same lesson! :)