Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Decor

      I love everything about Christmas.  I love celebrating the birth of Christ.  I love decorating my house, planning parties, making Christmas candy, my annual baking day with my sister, decorating gingerbread houses etc, etc, etc... You get the point- I love Christmas!  I'll stop rambling and show you a few pictures from our house this season.

    I am a traditionalist at heart, so I decorate for Christmas primarily with red tones and occasional splashes of gold.  However, we let our kids choose a new ornament every year so our tree is chalk full of random ornaments.  I help balance the randomness with a large collection of red bulbs, poinsettias and mittens. 

   Our tree is a fake, yes, purchased at Costco.  Usually I buy a pine scented candle or a pine scented wallflower from Bath and Body Works, but let's face it the smell is not the same as the fresh scent of pine.  This year I decided to add fresh pine branches to my mantel and chandelier over my dining room table- the smell is fantastic and the pine needle mess is minimal.

     Note, the trees on the sides of the table, Costco clearance finds for $19.97 a piece.  A few years ago I really wanted to add these trees to my Christmas decor collection but they were a bit pricey.  Then I found out a little secret about Costco, on the evening of December 23rd  Costco marks down their Christmas items ridiculously low.  I believed I saved $40.00 per tree!

    Christmas wouldn't be complete without one little girl sneaking into the treats!


Taylor said...

My tree has been dying a slow and messy death since the day we brought it home.
A fake one sounds fantastic!

Angela Gifford said...

So pretty! Love the picture of Gracie!