Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Treats and other Evil Calories

Yesterday I blogged about our recent Christmas trip to Grandma's. 

  Now I mentioned the wonderful food at Grandma H's, but not the food at Grandma K's.  At Grandma K's we had a plethora of wonderful desserts- homemade pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, ice cream, whip cream, you name it, we had it.  Well ladies and gents I indulged.  Yummm!
   The indulgent desserts were all well and good, and I had visions of homemade fudge dancing in my head.  When what should I run across in the picture search:

Holy crap, batman!  Look at my cheeks!

     Here's a more recent photo of my and my beautiful sister.

     This summer I lost about 30 pounds and I am soo glad, however, I see myself in the mirror everyday and I forget the difference in how I looked and felt.  The holiday's come around and there is wonderful food everywhere I look and I think I'll have just one piece.  Well one piece of pumpkin and then just one piece of pecan.  Ridiculous, but true none the less.

    The good news is the chipmunk picture caught me up short- no walnut fudge for me!  I would rather have slow churned brownie fudge ice cream and one chin, thank you very much. 

Let's enjoy the fun of this holiday season and skip the calories!


P.S.  My poor husband suffered in the making of this blog.  He had to humor me and look at the difference in the pictures over and over again, while i muttered holy crap over and over again.  He's a stud and took one for the team.  And after all, I am sure he expects me to wear a swimming suit on his new monstrosity of a boat. 
I'll get a tetanus shot first!



Taylor said...

Ha! You look great! Nice job on the weight loss!

nexis777 said...

Aha!! I thought you looked like you'd lost weight. Great job, Shannon!

His girl said...

Thanks Christy!