Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little House on the Prairie

(Disclaimer:  This post contains photo overload; feel free to click out anytime.  My grandma wants pictures of the new house so I gotta provide them.)
We are finally in our new house.  It's not the house we anticipate buying, but it's the perfect fit for us.
The yard is huge.  Sandy, the handsome stud I'm married to, humored me and planted 9 trees, 21 arborvitaes,  3 roses bushes, 3 hydrangeas, 3 English laurels, and 3 box woods. All in the last two weeks!  Yea, I'm beginning to think I might be a titch spoiled. 


That man of mine is amazing.  He did not complain one bit, and actually thanked me for being a good wife because I fed him and brought him water with lemon.  Seriously, if I ever complain about him smack me on the side of the head.  Hard.

I wasn't sure I liked the open concept feel of the house.  The formal living opens to the kitchen. We were think about closing off the wall and extending the kitchen cabinets, but I ended up liking the family interaction and views, so we are keeping it as is.  Ya know, so we can buy more trees.

This boy of mine followed me around flexing the whole time I took pic's.  Apparently I was invited to the gun show.  Boys!
Grace would like everyone to know she's a "firework".  Direct quote here folks.  Keep it on the down low that we occasionally blast a little Katie Perry.
Back to business.  The family room.

Guest bathroom.  I feel all grown-up now.

Kid's bathroom.  And all of our friends sighed in relief, realizing they no longer need to use the kids bathroom when they come to visit.  I bet they will miss the wild eyed look of fear that crosses my face when a guest asks if they can use the bathroom. 

Bland baby, bland.  Shannon needs to hop on over to World Market and gussey the place up.

Christian's room.  He likes things simple.  He won't even use a headboard.  Don't worry I will have him tested for decorating paralysis.

This is the before pic of Gracie's room.  I wouldn't want anyone to think we actually keep this joint as clean as we portray.
Fake and clean.  You should try it.
Grace thought it was very important that everyone got to take a look at her "fun girl's doll house".  On a fun note, the other day Grace was playing Barbie's and brought me a special Barbie to take a look at.  She is certain I look like a Barbie.  I think the big kids must be coaching her on ways to receive higher quality gifts.

Noelle's Room. 


Master Bedroom. 


Hey mom! Hey mom!  Take my picture!

Future family room. 

I think the prisoners may have been held here.  When we bought the house the egress windows had grates bolted to the house, and the door downstairs had a lock.  So if you went downstairs there was no way out.  Weird.....
See you next time!  Love you gma!

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