Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adventures on the Bluff

     I'm grateful for Fall, it's my favorite season.  I love everything about it- the smells, the leaves changing color, fall scented candles, pumpkins, yummy soups, cute boots, pumpkin spice lattes from get the idea.  Being the traditional sort of girl I am,  Fall wouldn't be complete if we didn't make our annual trip to Green Bluff  for the Apple Festival.   Green Bluff is a community of farms that offer U-pick fruits and vegetables, hayrides, corn mazes, and delicious food.  If you have never been to Green Bluff, you are missing out on:

The Corn Shooter

The Caterpillar Train

Apple Picking & Sampling

 and Pumpkin Patches.

Now if you miss out on Green Bluff, you'll save about a $100.00.  But who's counting...
well okay, Sandy probably is, but I'm not.  :)

Gratitude List:
60.  Little faces covered in sticky Carmel Apple goo.
61.  Notes that read "I trooly love you, mom".
62.  Date night with my man.
63.  Sunny, warm October days.
64.  Ripe, red tomatoes straight from the vine.
65.  Snuggle time
66.  Brady Bunch reruns
67.  My dad, he's been gone almost 2 years, and today would have been his 54th birthday.
68.  My sweet 14 year old asking me to pray with her before bed.
69.  Goofy, irritable, lovable kids.
70.  Cousins spinning crazy circles while dancing to an old time band playing "Sweet Home Alabama".
71.  My Savior.


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Lisa Carey said...

Yay! Good to have you back! Missed your posts! And yes, Greenbluff is one of life's little blessings for those of us who live around here! Sunny, crisp falls days wandering through farm after farm, beautiful colors, delightful scents and delish tastes.... I *heart* fall!