Monday, October 3, 2011

Arch Enemies or Best Friends?

The littles...I think it's possible they are going to be the death of me....

Sure they're cute, even though they don't like to brush their hair.

But they fight every stinkin' day...   AHHHHH!!!!

On the upside, their arguments are often hilarious.

Here's a sampling of a typical night at the K's house:

After finishing dinner I realized Grace needed a pink tutu
for tomorrows "Twins Day" at school, and I didn't have one.
I hoped in the car and headed to Target, about 1.5 minutes
into the drive my cell phone rings. Here's the conversation that ensued:

Christian:  "Mom! Grace just chewed up lettuce and spit it in my face."

(Insert:  Shrieking.)


Christian:  "Fine!'

Me:  "What on earth is going on, and where is your dad?"

Grace:  "Christian opened the refrigerator, and took out the whip cream and was going to eat it!"

Me:  "Okay?"

Grace:  "I told him that  he is NOT allowed to eat the whipped cream."

Me: "Okay?"

Grace:  "He won't obey me, so I chewed up some lettuce and spit it at his face."

Me:  "Grace Elizabeth, you are not allowed to spit food at your brother."

Grace:  "HE DIDN'T OBEY ME!"

Me:  "Grace, you are not the mommy, and Christian doesn't have to obey you.  Besides,  we never spit in someones face to discipline them.  Mommy doesn't chew up her food and spit at you when you are naughty."

Grace:  "Well, maybe you should!"

Me:  "Go to your room." parenting technique?????

Blessings to you and yours!

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