Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chaos and Mayhem

   Craziness and mayhem rein., God reins, but craziness and mayhem invade.  I think I might breed a little craziness and mayhem. 

Not the kids, though they are pretty crazy!

       You see, I have become this psychotic couponer, and quite honestly, I'm not even that good.  The issue is, I cannot get couponing off the brain.  For example, my dear friend, Shelly brought her couponing binder (yes, we have binders) to work.  She hasn't used her fabulous P&G coupons, and I wanted to beg her to give me her coupons, so I could get her the best deal for her money.  Seriously, I have issues.

   One would think I have nothing better to do than ideally sit around couponing.  The deal is I should be focused on other things, like work.  Today I found myself in All Staff (a once a month meeting we have at work), great info and all that jazz was being delivered, yet I found myself obsessing over Tide coupons.

 How on earth do I get more?

      Clearly, I need to get a grip, but K-Mart's deal ends Saturday.  What deal, you ask?  You really want to know, don't you.  Maybe you don't, maybe you do.  I'm going to tell you anyway.  Best deal of the week:

Procter and Gamble coupons, plus K-Mart doubler days.  Woot Woot!

Coupons you'll need:

Tide $1.00 off
Purchase one 75oz. Tide and get a free Tide Stain-Remover
Tampax $2.00 off
Head and Shoulders $2.00 off
Olay $2.00 off facial cleanser coupon
Olay Purchase a facial cleanser and get a Olay Body Wash for free coupon
Pantene $2.00 off coupon

Here's how the deal works.  You need to spend at least $35.00 in Proctor and Gamble merchandise before coupons, then you will get a $10.00 Catalina coupon for K-mart.

Here's what the sale is:
(K-Mart doubles up to 5 coupons this week.  They will double coupons up to $2.00.)

Tide detergent- $8.99 ( you get $2.00 off) = $6.99
Tide Stain-Remover $4.99 (free with coupon) = Free
Facial Cleanser is on sale for $3.67, K-Mart doubles your coupon and you get it free. = Free
Olay Body Wash = Free
Tampax- $5.99 (you get $2.00 off)= $3.99
Head and Shoulders $5.79 (you get $4.00 off) = $1.79
Pantene $4.79 (you get $4.00 off)= $.79

Total=  $13.56 plus tax and you get a $10.00 K-Mart Catalina to use next week.

Amazing!  Now, I was not smart enough to get this deal the first time around.  I did not know you could combine the manufactures coupons. 

Important things to remember:

1.  Make sure you spend at least $35.00 in P&G products, before coupon discounts.
2.  Realize I am a couponing newbie and may make mistakes.  Shop at your own risk.
3.  You may annoy others in-line.  The upside is not many people shop at K-Mart.
4.  Shelly may let me spend her coupons after reading this post.
5.  I acquired my coupons from the Sunday paper and a mailer P&G sent last week.

6.  K-Mart only lets you double coupons once a day, but you are welcome to go back everyday until Saturday.  I did not receive the Catalina on repeat shopping trips. 

7.  I did not get this deal, as I did not realize you could double the Tide and Olay coupons until later.  I did get a smokin' deal though.  If you want to know what my deal was follow my blog and I'll tell you.  Bribery at its best.

How's that for obsessive compulsive?

Blessings to you and yours!

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