Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day in the Life

     Today started out eventful.  Christian, our son, has the stomach flu.  Yuck.  (Oops, I mean poor little fella.)  But, seriously, stomach flu burps and gas.  Yuck!  I have my windows open.

     Grace, our littlest, not to be out done, decided her nose is stuffy because she shared snack at school.  Ummm..I seriously doubt she is ill, though I do anticipate a call from her school any minute requesting us to pick up a sick child.  You see, Grace LOVES her mommy and does not believe she should have to attend school on days mommy stays home.  This is a sweet, albeit, annoying quality. 

She's stinking cute though.

      I take full responsibility for my children faking sick.  I have cultivated this debacle.  You see, when I was growing up, it was not fun to stay home sick.  You had to clean up the mess if you threw-up,  and chores where still on the agenda.  Not a terrible deal, just not fun.  Well, I pride myself in being fun.  (Note:  Following this method of parenting is bound to have your children regularly fake sick). 

    This is what a typical sick day looks like in the K. house:

Sick child. 
 Couch or rocking chair bed made.
 Juice in a cup (preferably with a straw).
Movies all day. 
Back scratch or rock-e-bye.
Lunch brought to you, and you can eat it in the family room.
 Daddy may or may not bring you home a small gift.
Possibly a game of checkers or Life.
Mommy reads stories.

    We're ridiculous, I know.  Heck, reading my own list makes me want to fake sick and stay home.  It's a good thing I married such a hot, amazing, responsible man.

     Sandy puts the smack down on fake sick calls.  His new method of parenting is, "If you fake sick, you have to spend the day in your room."  Harsh, yet effective.  I'm not sure Grace is buying it, we shall see...

   Have you stopped reading my annoyingly long post?  If not here is an update on today's couponing adventures:

Total Cost $18.52, plus a $10.00 Catalina good for purchase made next week.

Purchases at Regular Price:

Olay Body Wash $5.99
Olay Face Wash $3.59
Olay Moisturizer $5.00
Always Pads $5.99
Charm Toilet Paper $6.99
Downy $5.00
Downy $5.00

Total= $37.56

(K-mart doubles up to 5 coupons through Saturday.  K-Mart doubles coupons only up to $2.00.)

Buy an Olay Face Wash get a free Olay Body Wash
Buy an Olay Body Wash get a free Olay Moisturizer
$1.00 off Olay Face Wash
$1.00 off Charmin
$1.00 off Downy
$1.00 off Downy
$1.00 off Alway's


Olay Face Wash = $1.59
Olay Body Wash = Free
Olay Moisturizer = Free
Alway's = $3.99
Charmin = $4.99
Downy = $3.00
Downy = $3.00
$10.00 Catalina to spend next week.  A Catalina works like a gift card.

Total= $18.52, plus $10.00 free next week!  Woo hoo!

Important to Remember:

1.  Shop at your own risk.
2.  To get Catalina you must spend at least $35.00 in P&G products before coupons.
3.  K-Mart offers the $10.00 Catalina each day through Saturday.  I was wrong in yesterday's post.
4.   Use your P&G coupons, if you don't use these products donate them to your local church or shelter.

Blessings to you and yours!


Taylor said...

Should I donate my coupons to my local church employees? ;)

His girl said...

Ha! Only if you want too. said...

I want you to come and take care of me when I stay home sick.... k?