Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Strange Man and His Little Dogs

Are you confused yet?

Let me explain.  I spent this weekend visiting family, at my Grandma's.

   On this particular visit, I learned my uncle (whom I did not get a picture with)  reads my blog.  This particular uncle has two very loved spoiled dogs.  (I believe it's quite possible he loves his dogs more than most of his family.)  Well, as fate would have it, the week prior to visiting I blogged my Top 10 Dislikes, and number eight read a little something like this:

"8.  Animals in general. 
 Social tip:  You may love your pets, there's a good chance your company doesn't."
      I do believe he was a "little" offended.  He even printed my list and added a social tip of his own; 

 "Social Tip:  You may like your kids, but there's a good chance your host doesn't." 

     Ha!  He's a sassy fellow!  The thing is I agree with him, there are, in fact, children I don't particularly like.  Ha!  Though my children are lovely, little darlings, and cute too boot.

And his poor dog looks a little something like this:

This post is all for you Uncle Gary! 

P.S.  You make fantastic chocolate covered strawberries!

Blessings to you and yours!

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